Time to reevaluate: The mid-point of the year has arrived. Have you accomplished the goals that you set for yourself, your family, your business, etc., in these first 6 months? Time to reevaluate where you are and where you want to be in these areas by the end of the year. The first place we must start in the reevaluation process is with ourselves. Everything starts with us first. I must ask myself, “What have I done or not done to accomplish (or not accomplish) what I set out to do when I initially created these goals? How effective were my strategies and how effective are they for where I am right now? What remains deficient in me that I was not able to achieve to the level for which I was striving? What strengths have I developed in those areas where I did achieve my goals and how can I use those strengths to achieve in those challenging areas?” When asking ourselves these questions, we must be honest in our answers and then set new goals and strategies to meet us where we really are in order to maximize our potential for achievement. Without goals, a strategic plan of action for achievement and our daily active participation in their fulfillment, it’s all just ideas in our mind along with the rest of the clutter.