When Making decisions, look at and weigh the “Facts” of the situation “First” & then ask yourself, “How do these “Facts” make me “Feel?” Example: Facts-S/he speaks to me in a manner that’s disrespectful; S/he is controlling; S/he is unsupportive of my goals & dreams; The sex is good (just keeping it real); S/he is unmotivated & we don’t do fun things together. Question: Being honest, how do these facts make you feel? The answer should be obvious; however, if after examining the facts and you’re still feeling good about this relationship and yourself in this relationship…now you must ask yourself, “What is it about me that I am accepting of this type of behavior from him/her?” In any relationship, one should feel good and positive about it; however, that does not mean the relationship is without issues; to the contrary, all relationships have issues. However, one should not think that they have to accept any type of behavior in their relationship, just for the sake of being in a relationship. When someone loves and cares for you, you become a priority to them and they want to, at all cost, bring joy, happiness and peace into your life. When we find ourselves in a relationship that brings less than that, it’s a sign that maybe this is not the right person for us.