Proceed with caution; Don’t reveal too much information too soon; Keep your emotions in check (especially the ladies); Date in a public venue; Introduce your date to your spiritual elders and those who provide wise counsel; Don’t bring your date around your children until you are sure this person will be your husband or wife; Listen to his/her behavior (yes…behavior speaks loud and clear, so listen with both ears and believe what their behavior is saying); develop a prayer life together and attend church; When dating, men pay for the date outing; Ladies, act like a lady; Set boundaries with one another when dating; DO NOT ENGAGE IN SEX (it clouds judgment among a myriad of other things); DO NOT co-habit.
Check Point:
Ladies, just because he asks you out on a date, doesn’t mean he wants to marry you.
Men, just because you pay for a meal/date, it doesn’t entitle you to sex.