Sharon Thomas is the Owner and CEO of Serenity Consulting, where she practices as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Life Mgmt. Coach, Trainer and Consultant. Sharon holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and Human Relations from Villanova University. She has worked in the mental health, addictions and counseling fields for over 20 years, providing therapeutic services to adults, children and youth and professional development training and supervision for line staff and supervisors. Sharon specializes in empowering her clientele to be authentic, assertive communicators enabling them to live a more fulfilling lifestyle, while at the same time minimizing daily stress and conflict. Sharon also consults with companies and organizations on improving management and management/employee relations, team building, meeting employees’ ever-evolving needs in the workplace, developing clinical protocols, policies and procedures, and creating an overall wellness atmosphere in the workplace.

Sharon is the Owner & CEO of Full Life Communications, where she is the Executive Producer and Host of live streaming internet talk show programming. Sharon uses this media platform to bring everyday issues with which we all struggle to the forefront of the conversation to promote increased knowledge, life strategies, viable resources, and continuous encouragement and support for her audience.

Sharon is Owner and CEO of MD51 Management, providing Talent, Life and Event Management services. Celebrities, Actors, Sports Figures, Executives & Dignitaries are served through MD51 Mgmt. Sharon offers Management/Life Management services to these individuals as well as business groups and organizations who desire to more effectively and efficiently manage their busy and often hectic lifestyles, strengthen current professional industry relationships, connect with next level industry professionals, while advancing their career, their brand and their business/organization. In this fast-paced, often stressful, ever-evolving society, maneuvering through life can be overwhelming and often daunting. Let Sharon & MD51 Mgmt. manage it ALL for you by identifying your strengths, challenges, needs and goals and coordinating with other identified resources to develop an action plan of success for immediate implementation, so you can be well on your way to the next level of distinction and success while maintaining mental fortitude, emotional equilibrium, physical strength and spiritual balance.

Because Sharon has a heart for the youth, she founded Future Leaders’ Society, An Intergenerational Leadership Mentoring Program, as well as a Leadership Development Institute with a full curriculum and certificate.

It is evident that Sharon is passionate about her work, as her enthusiasm and ability to engage her audience is masterful. Sharon brings a wealth of knowledge, her unique style and a no holds barred approach to every audience with whom she speaks. Sharon once stated in an interview, “My interest has always been in empowering people, one person at a time. I say, make a difference in yourself, then make a difference in your community. Life can be difficult and we need to recognize and be honest about our strengths and weaknesses, where we need help and where we can lend help, and not be afraid of either.”

Sharon’s beliefs and values are rooted in her Christian faith. She has stated in the past, “I have always been blessed and favored by the Lord and it is my spiritual inclination and responsibility to share with others the gifts and talents with which I have been so favorably blessed.”

God has used me as an instrument to spread His love and peace for many years. Without Him there would be no me. I give all praises and thanks to Him for all that I do that is good. It is through His divine intervention that He is able to touch so many people’s lives through me. I am more than happy to be used in this way; I can think of no greater joy than to be used by Him, The Almighty King of Kings. I pray that He may add a blessing to your life/company through me and the talents and gifts with which he has so favorably blessed me. You too have the power to realize your dreams, talents and gifts in Him…just believe in Him and have faith. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 KJV

PA Lic. #PC003757 | NJ Lic. #37PC00333000