“One of the best decisions I made was to sit down with Sharon. The time with her put a lot in perspective and corrected my focus. She challenged me to look inward instead of outward. As a pastor it provided an environment where I can be “weak” and made me to understand how therapeutic counseling can be.”


“Sharon Thomas from Serenity Consulting is most definitely GOD sent! Sharon has an effortless ability to calm and encourage a person to open up freely in an atmosphere conducive for positive dialogue and resolution. In other words, Sharon is awesome!”

Ms. C

“Sharon Thomas is a true guiding light in her field. Her joyful and compassionate nature is as welcoming as it is energizing, and provides an atmosphere I had always hoped for with previous therapists. Having started therapy with her during one of the darkest periods of my life, I cannot sing enough praises about the progress I’ve made with the help of her clinical guidance as well as her spiritual mentorship. Not only is my life lighter and brighter, it is again filled with hope and the tools needed to keep it that way.”

Rachel B.