Individual and group therapeutic services provide counseling, education, support and coaching for those who may be experiencing stress, disorganization, ineffectiveness, mental and/or emotional issues due to life circumstances. These services are designed for individuals, couples, families and group entities.

Sometimes life is unpredictable or becomes overwhelming in some way and we experience stressors that may induce unknown and unwanted emotional responses. Developing coping skills and strategies to better handle life stressors, disorganization and personal and professional effectiveness are the goals of this service. The level of service that is needed for any entity desiring this intervention will be determined upon initial consultation with Sharon.

Don’t allow your mental or emotional health or personal or professional life to suffer because of fear of “therapy” or time constraint issues. Deciding to participate in therapy or coaching with a caring, trained and objective counselor/coach is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

This 3-hour session will utilize participant's experiences and situations to address the subtle nuances of confronting and resolving conflict for the purpose of growth on the part of both parties. Participants will learn how to use positive confrontation to resolve conflict and to confront discrepancies on a personal and professional level. Participants will learn to attack the problem, not the person, thus, leaving the relationship in tact.

This workshop is 12-16 weeks/12-16 sessions (1.5-2 hours per session). This group can be used by organizations, agencies, companies and businesses that are struggling to achieve their goals due to poor communication and lack of team effort. Think of it as family therapy for the office. This workshop series offers a combination of some of the aforementioned trainings (managing conflict at work, building a stronger work team, assertive communication, etc.), as well as experiential work done through a process group. Participants will be part of a process group (ideally 8-10 participants) where they will engage in authentic self-expression. This process group lends itself to overall emotional wellness, stress reduction, conflict resolution and assertive communication. Participants experiencing this workshop who are committed to professional/self-improvement will increase their ability to communicate effectively and assertively, decrease people pleasing behaviors, better manage emotions and stress, resolve conflict with confidence and gain personal insight.

This group is open-ended, dealing with issues that women face on a daily basis. Women experience the world in many ways and are often not supported as much as is necessary. Being the bearers of human life and nurturers of the world, who nurtures the women? Explore your womaness, what makes you special and all that you have to offer, as well as all that is offered to you through this unique experience.

This is an open-ended group, one for women and one for girls with depression. This group offers women and girls new strategies for coping with depression and insight into how depression works on the psyche. Participants will explore their histories, live in the present and challenge themselves to create a brighter future. Participants will utilize lifestyle balance strategies, assertive communication techniques, learn to release emotional baggage for a future of emotional wellness, realize the importance of their worth in the family, in society and in themselves, recognize and diminish people pleasing behaviors and discover a new world of opportunity and care that starts from within.

Breaking Free From The Cycle of Depression - View PDF

This open-ended group offers those in recovery from chemical abuse an opportunity to explore the current state of their recovery. Participants will receive psycho-educational information about drugs, alcohol and the cycle of addiction. The stages of change will be the focus of the group, as well as an ongoing needs and risk assessment for each member, personal inventory exercises, group process, authentic feedback, questionnaire regarding participant's recovery, suggested reading and provocative verbal exchange from group members.

These groups are open-ended, each gender having their own group. Youth today face enormous challenges and adversities and are often thinking that they have nowhere to turn for genuine support. This group will help them explore these issues and how they can be more confident when facing peer pressure, drug and alcohol use, conflict-resolution, emotions management, prioritizing, developing personal interests, relationship issues, sexuality, etc. Other issues to be explored are parental and environmental controls, education, breaking the cycle, being independent while being dependent, leadership, being yourself and standing out among the crowd, self-esteem, etc. This group will also explore issues that are specific to each gender group. Specific breakout groups for each gender include surviving depression, abuse/neglect and trauma, addiction and recovery, grief and loss and life skills.

This therapeutic service is offered to individuals, families, couple's and groups who may be suffering from a mental health disorder or overwhelming life issues for which they need treatment. This service, whether you need individual therapy or couple's therapy, will be tailored to meet your specific needs and address your issues in a way that will positively affect your life as a whole. Achieving emotional wellness is the ultimate goal for which this therapy strives.

The Life Coaching service is offered to those individuals who seek ongoing professional expertise in maneuvering through personal and professional life challenges. The Life Coaching process will center on emotional wellness for life strategies, such as personal and professional one-on-one support, focus and structure, goal-setting, assertive communication and behavior development, stress and emotion's management, daily prioritizing of personal and professional tasks and needs, conflict resolution, confronting dependency issues, building self-confidence and worth, spirituality, creating and maintaining a personal and professional “Lifestyle Balance” and “Emotional Wellness” inventory, all lending itself to overall mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.

These services are offered to those individuals who are experiencing difficulty coping with mental health and/or addiction's issues as well as daily life problems that have become overwhelming and are affecting daily life functioning and/or their relationships. Patients in therapy will have an initial assessment and, if deemed necessary, begin attending regularly scheduled therapy sessions, as arranged by the patient(s) and Sharon. During therapy, patients will engage in a number of therapeutic interventions that are suitable for their specific diagnosis or issues. Length of therapy is dependent upon the severity of the problem and the progress of the patient(s). To be of greatest assistance and convenience to patients, Sharon provides in-home therapy for her patients. Accommodating patient's transportation and time management needs through in-home therapy has allowed patients to maintain their treatment schedule without interruption.

This group offers therapeutic intervention and support to those who are dealing with issues of grief and/or loss. Grief and Loss issues may arise from many different circumstances; such circumstances could be the death of a person or pet, divorce, loss of employment, loss of a significant friendship/relationship, loss of a body part due to illness or accident, hair loss or loss of emotional/mental stability, etc. There are times in all of our lives when we suffer a loss in some form or another and we need the support of others to help us through. This group will offer individuals professional, therapeutic intervention to work through the stages of grief and loss while maintaining daily, emotional balance and healthy life functioning.

Christian Counseling and Life Coaching can be combined with any of the other counseling and coaching services offered with the added benefit of applying Christian principles from the Word of God as foundational support and guidance to achieve superior results from every endeavor to which you are purposed. This service includes the following: prayer, scripture reading and meditation for specific areas of concern, suggested Christian books and devotionals & discussion of Biblical principles for success in every aspect of life.

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Download "Healing the Wounds of Trauma and Abuse"

Participants will:

Begin healing through renewing of the mind

Engage in mentally & emotionally healthy relationships

Learn to establish personal limits & boundaries

Draw strength from positive inner qualities & spirituality

Explore the root of continued fears for work toward resolution

Establish avenues toward lifestyle balance

Begin Developing healthy self-esteem and self-worth

Experience the journey of life with a refreshing outlook