At some point you’re going to have to decide who you’re going to serve. If your confession, what you say out of your mouth that you believe, doesn’t line up with your behavior, you’re just talking but behaving hypocritically. Talking godly talk on social media, but posting scandalous videos, pictures, thoughts and comments are contrary to the word of God. Jesus walked out on a daily basis what He spoke publicly and privately. He is our chief example of how to live as a Christian in the earth. A Christian is someone who is Christ-like, a Christ representative in the earth. Jesus didn’t set just anything before His eyes to watch, before His ears to hear. He didn’t speak just any words from His mouth; He spoke life to everyone He encountered, even when chastising. He was careful to be who His Father called Him to be before the people and at all times. A man of character and integrity. A man of great wisdom and faith. A man of honor and discipline, who lived within the confines of boundaries & did not give into every lust that tempted Him. Question: Christians, who are you representing on social media…and everywhere else in your life? Is God saying He is well pleased with your words, what you watch and listen to, how you’re raising your children to follow in your pattern of behavior and speech? Check yourself and come up!