Quiet Reflection: Life brings many seen and unforeseen events that tend to create more questions than they seem to answer, challenge our thinking, shake our very foundation if we’re not grounded/rooted in God and bring out the worst in us when we haven’t matured to a place of emotional stability, regardless of circumstances. It is in these times when we need to step back and quietly reflect on life events and ask ourselves, “What part (directly or indirectly) did I play in these events? Have I been part of the problem or part of the solution (silence/inaction is consent)? What prejudices am I bringing to the table? Am I of the mindset that if it does not seemingly affect me and mine, I don’t get involved? Am I treating people the way I want to be treated? What can I do now to make a difference in my life and the lives of others? We are challenged everyday to look outside of ourselves and show compassion for others, regardless of their past mistakes. We are also challenged to take up the fight for those who may not be able to fight for themselves. How we go about showing compassion and how we go about taking up the fight is the challenge. Jesus is the greatest example of a compassionate fighter. In His quiet strength, He commanded with His non-violent words that the enemy flee from Him and so he did. He spoke words of kindness, compassion and love to those whom society had shunned. He brought light into a darkened world with His mere presence. He prayed without ceasing to bring about great change and to seek forgiveness for man’s sinful ways, for which He ultimately died. Until we become the compassionate fighters that epitomize the life of Jesus, we have far to go.

Check Point: it’s time for quiet reflection as individuals, as families, as communities and as a nation. In that quiet reflection, let’s seek God through prayer, gain some perspective and strategies and move forward with Jesus as our ultimate example.