Workplace Essentials Wellness Series: Tools for Building a Productive Work Team and an Emotionally Healthy Work Environment

Serenity Consulting offers a series of workshops to improve workplace wellness and team building skills. The workshops offered can be taken as an entire series or any one or few workshops that meet your individual or company needs. It is recommended that companies with these needs take the entire workshop series to maximize the effectiveness of the trainings within the workplace. Serenity Consulting offers “Personal Advantage Service.” This service provides for Sharon to meet with a representative from the contracted company to discuss the company’s training needs in further detail. At this time, a questionnaire will be distributed to employees who will be attending the workshop so that employee needs, concerns, and issues that are relevant to the training can be addressed. The workshop will then be tailored to meet the specific training needs of the contracted company and it’s employees.

Come and join the movement toward workplace wellness and have the greatest advantage over the competition.

This 3 Hour workshop will allow participants to:

  • Recognize how their emotions affect their work behavior and performance
  • Assess their own emotional strengths and limitations
  • Assess work experiences and identify areas where they wish to do things differently
  • Respond to challenging work situations with appropriate empathy and listening skills
  • Negotiate and resolve disagreements
  • Participate in a process group to strengthen workplace communicationParticipants will learn through a combination of lecture, discussion of scenes from popular movies, case studies, discussion of personal and professional experiences, process group and practice exercises.

  • How to Effectively Supervise Staff: For New and Mid-level Supervisors

    To effectively supervise staff, one must be an effective leader who demonstrates the ability to develop the people around them while satisfactorily meeting or exceeding the needs of the company and its clientele. Effective supervision empowers staff to be problem solvers, accountable for their behavior, take on new and more responsibility and be focused, goal-directed decision makers. This workshop will educate supervisors in leadership skills, giving and receiving feedback, building assertive communication and management skills, setting boundaries, resolving conflict, morale building, managing difficult personalities, performance evaluation, managing the person within the worker, promotion and demotion, hiring and termination and how to be the ultimate role-model for staff.

In this 3.5-hour workshop, participants will learn how companies are like families. Topics include how family dynamics are brought into the workplace, signs of dysfunction, strategies for resolving problems, and what to do if the boss is the problem patient. This workshop will also allow participants to process current workplace stressors and discuss their ideas for creating a better work environment. A current Workplace Profile will be developed and a Workplace Wellness Plan will be created to be implemented daily. Through this process, participants will also learn that Emotional Wellness in the workplace is essential for building a strong work team, production of quality work and increased productivity. This workshop is a combination of lecture, written exercises, group process and group discussion.

  • This 3-hour workshop will allow participants to learn through written exercise and group discussion. Participants will learn the following:
  • What stress is
  • How to measure it
  • What causes stress in the workplace
  • Reasons that stress is harmful
  • How stress is worse today
  • What stresses are unique to women
  • How to protect yourself against stress
  • How to develop a personal stress profile and management planThis workshop allows participants to take control of and better manage their stress levels in the workplace and elsewhere. Participants will also learn how to create and nurture emotional wellness, which lends itself to stress minimization.

This 3-hour workshop will allow participants to learn how to handle workplace conflicts. This workshop will explore how people often resolve conflicts at work, its effects on relationships and teams, and how we learn to manage differences as we do. Participants will also learn skills for resolving and preventing conflict in the workplace, as well as confronting discrepancies and attacking the problem, not the person, through assertive communication.

This 3.5-hour workshop is for managers of all levels. Participants will learn specific ways to make the workplace more positive and motivating. Through lecture, group discussion, role-play, practice exercises and analysis of popular movies, participants will learn dozens of ways to create a positive work environment that can lead to lower turnover and higher morale. Participants will also learn more about their leadership styles and what works and what doesn't. Participants will create a “Leadership Style Modification Plan” that brings them more in line with the bottom line...creating an emotionally healthy workplace that lends itself to staff efficiency, productivity and teamwork.

This 3.5-hour workshop will allow participants to learn skills that will enable them to communicate with tact and diplomacy. Through written exercises, process group, role-play and group discussion, participants will also learn how to overcome barriers to communication; how to convey empathy and acceptance; how to actively listen; communicate assertively and honestly without offending or making others respond defensively, give and receive constructive feedback; resolve conflicts and manage anger effectively. Participants will leave this workshop feeling empowered and equipped with the knowledge to make every encounter an opportunity for assertive communication and growth.

  • Sharon offers a variety of Inspirational/Wellness Seminars that speak to many areas of self-development. All seminars encourage self-exploration through introspection and raising awareness. The seminar experience with Sharon is sure to motivate, energize, rejuvenate and inspire your sense of well-being and empowerment. Participants are expected to engage in the seminar discussion for a more personal and rewarding experience. Participants will also learn how to take charge of their emotional wellness and live everyday more authentically. The following is a partial list of Inspirational/Wellness Seminars that Sharon offers:
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Assertiveness
  • Emotional Management
  • Building Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
  • Effective Communication/Speaking Authentically
  • Relationships (Healthy/Unhealthy)
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Breaking Barriers/Releasing Fears
  • Conflict Resolution
  • The Issue of Control
  • Forgiveness
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • The Psychology of Changing Behavior/Paradigm Shift
  • Integrity/Character/Responsibility
  • Living a Lifestyle of Authenticity
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Giving and Receiving Personal and Professional Feedback
  • Social Responsibility
  • Family Relationships/Family Issues
  • Women's IssuesEmotional Wellness is a key foundational component to a successful life. When you are emotionally well, you see life as an exciting adventure, embracing change and awaiting each new blessing. How wonderful it would be if we all could embrace one another and ourselves...acknowledging and accepting one another's, as well as our own flaws, fears, strengths and idiosyncrasies, and all the while not standing in judgement and living with unconditional love. Great is a man who can accept another man, flaws and all, and lead him to a better understanding through the benefit of his wisdom and care. Great is a man who can accept his own self, flaws and all, and seek wisdom, growth and understanding through self-reflection, self-care, introspection and sound counsel.

  • Clinical trainings are designed to meet the needs of all levels of staff who are involved in clinical work. The clinical trainings provide a venue for participants to grow and further hone their clinical skills through an engaging learning environment that incorporates role-play, break-out groups, active feedback and review of real case scenarios. Participants are invited to actively participate in the learning process by sharing their clinical experiences and opening themselves up to a learning environment that promotes client change via clinician self-awareness and authentic self expression.

    Participants will add new tools and techniques for therapeutic interventions to their repertoire and discover new ways to promote a healthy counseling environment conducive for change. Participants will complete the trainings feeling empowered and experiencing a sense of renewed energy for their craft.

    Addiction and Recovery
    This half-day (3-4 hours) training session will assist substance abuse clinicians with counseling skills and techniques that draw their clients into the therapeutic process. Participants will learn about "Motivational interviewing*" and the stages of change, setting the stage for change, counseling chronic relapsers, relapse as a part of recovery, confronting inconsistencies, exposing and coping with inner resistance, working through unresolved emotional issues and recovery as a long-term process.

    Treating Co-occurring Disorders
    This training series comprises the basic knowledge and skill sets necessary to facilitate a Co-occurring Disorders group. There are 6 trainings and each training is 4 hours in length (for a total of 24 training hours). During this time participants will learn and develop skills through information gathering, handouts and facilitator explanation, case study review, analysis and diagnosis, group facilitation and exercises, role play and modeling. Each training will build on the previous training and lead into the next. To ensure that participants have a firm grasp on the materials and information being presented, there will be a pre and post-test during each training. A certificate of achievement will be given to each participant who achieves a score of 8 (out of 10) or better on the post-test. Participants who do not achieve a score of at least 8 will be given the opportunity to re-test in the deficient areas at future trainings.

    Creating a Therapeutic Atmosphere for Change
    This half-day (3-4 hours) training session is for clinicians serving all populations. Participants will engage in group exercises that utilize person-centered strategies and micro-counseling techniques. These strategies will enable participants to build trusting relationships with clients while simultaneously creating a counseling atmosphere that lends itself to the process of change.

    Therapist - An Agent of Change
    This 3-hour training session is for clinicians serving all populations. Participants will review current counseling practices and strategies. Participants will also engage in mock counseling sessions, utilizing person-centered strategies, client verbal and non-verbal communications, here and now talk, being in the moment with the client, positive confrontation and micro-counseling skills to name a few. Through utilization of the aforementioned strategies and developing the therapist's self-awareness, participants will learn skills to better engage their clients, thus, becoming a change agent.

    Psychotherapy Techniques and Interventions for Individual and Family Therapy
    This 3-hour workshop is for clinicians who are seeking to enhance their therapeutic techniques and build their repertoire of interventions. A variety of effective and innovative techniques and interventions such as art and play therapy, Geshtalt techniques, person-centered therapy and motivational strategies, etc., will be reviewed and demonstrated. Participants will learn through actively engaging in role-plays, demonstrations and discussions.