The first quarter of 2022 has ended. It’s time to reflect and reassess on what we have accomplished in the first quarter, where we are now, and plan for what is ahead.

  • Set aside a specific time to reflect and reassess. Bring your vision board, journal entries, and anything that will help you recall what you have been working on in the first quarter
  • Assess what worked toward achieving your goals and what didn’t work 
  • Assess why certain goals weren’t achieved and create a new, more achievable goal or keep the same goal and put more effort into that goal next quarter
  • Assess how your communication, attitude, and mindset toward your goals helped or hindered your progress this quarter. Make any necessary adjustments.
  • Be sure to add leisure time self-care in your quarterly goals, which includes activities of interest, quiet time, exercise, spiritual growth, a healthy diet, relaxation, pampering, quality time with healthy family and friends, and lots of laughter
  • Plan a pampering day to celebrate your quarterly accomplishments (however major or minor) and get refreshed and rejuvenated before the second quarter begins

Sharon Thomas, MS, LPC

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