It is easy for our minds to wander when trying to be still. So, be intentional about this exercise. Create a comfortable place with no distractions (no phone, tablet, TV, other people, pets, or outside noises). Hopefully, as you continue to practice this intentional exercise, you will find yourself extending your replenishment and renewal time because of the positive effects on your overall well-being. Practice the following for a minimum of 10-15 minutes one or more times per day:

Sit quietly in your designated comfortable place & quiet your mind, emotions, and body
Practice deep breathing for at least 2-3 minutes while quieting yourself
Rehearse affirmations internally & out loud
Affirmation suggestions (add only the best desires for yourself):

  • I do all things in excellence
  • I demonstrate good character & integrity in every situation
  • My mind is sound, my emotions are balanced, & my body is fit
  • Nothing will distract me from my future
  • I have an excess of creativity & I tap into it daily
  • I remain within the boundaries of my purpose
  • I only speak words of encouragement and life into myself & others
  • I am successful at everything I do
  • I live authentically and intentionally

Allow the affirmations to permeate your atmosphere, so your words create an alignment with your mind, emotions, and behavior to create the life and lifestyle you want to achieve.


Sharon Thomas, MS, LPC

Think Believe Become